You've got Q's?

We've got your back.

Where do I park?

There's free parking on Broadway, as well as an entire free parking lot behind the studio. Access to the studio is through the front door on Broadway.

How do I get in?

You will receive check-in instructions along with the door code by email 24 hours before your rental.

What can I use?

Everything!! The studio is fully furnished with hip decor, velvet sofas, a permanent studio bed with white linens, a projector for viewing sessions and consultations, 2 Profoto studio lights, 1 AlienBee Ring Light, umbrellas, reflector, Sekonic Light Meter, Manfrotto Tripod, Newborn Posing Beanbag, Baby Shusher, Kitchenette and Bevie Fridge, Bathroom/Changing Room, Studio Wardrobe Closet full of Boho dresses (!!), and even an Indoor Swing! 

When is the light best?

We have floor-to-ceiling east and west facing windows on either end of the studio. Lighting is great throughout the day! We also have after hour availability for those interested in using the studio lights.

Do you have studio lights?

YES!! We have two Profoto studio lights with umbrellas and one AlienBee ring light. We also have a reflector, light meter and tripod for your use.

Do you offer Monthly Memberships?

YES, we do!! We offer 5-hour/month AND 3-hour/month membership options on the booking page for anyone that wants priority booking each month at a discounted rate. There is a 3-month minimum membership requirement.

Can I host events at Whitespace?

YES!! Small events are welcome for up to 40 people. Check out the Booking page for all the deets, dates, and rates.

Can I come by to see the space before booking?

Yes! Book a 10-minute FREE walk-through on the booking page.

Can I host a workshop here?

Absolutely!! We'd love to share the space with you and your guests! Check out the Booking page for Event rentals.